The ASLM Academy is a platform where medical laboratory professionals from Africa and across the globe can access online, face-to face training and information packages that can be used towards continuous professional development. The ASLM Academy focuses on delivering practical, problem-solving learning packages that support the advancement of knowledge and skills in laboratory medicine. It does not replace formal pre-service education, rather it assists in recognising the value of various in-service trainings for individual career development.

Vision and Mission

ASLM Academy facilitates access to training that offers qualification or certification, geared towards the achievement of recognised standards for competencies and skills, which can contribute towards both laboratory functions and individual career development.

ASLM is working with:

Partners and stakeholders in laboratory medicine to deliver online or face-to-face training

Professional associations and technical partners to outline professional standards for critical laboratory functions

In-country authorities to understand national requirements for continuous professional development

How It Works

The ASLM Academy is taking inventory of ongoing training and knowledge packages from partners, and offers them to our members as online or face-to-face courses through the ASLM website, programs and networks. ASLM will recognize laboratory professionals attending series of pre-defined trainings or relevant information sessions provided as part of the Academy.

Courses and Training

Please see the categories below of currently available classes. ASLM is compiling additional courses, training, and practicums that will be hosted here, covering topics such as infectious disease outbreaks like COVID-19, antimicrobial resistance, laboratory quality management systems, laboratory systems & networks, and more. Please check back soon to see the full list of courses and to enroll.

Available Courses

Click the category below to discover

A list of courses will be available shortly.
A list of courses will be available shortly.
A list of courses will be available shortly.

Coming Soon

A list of courses available shortly

Frequently Asked Questions

+ - Who can apply?

All healthcare and laboratory professionals who have obtained a certificate or degree and are currently working to support laboratory medicine in Africa. You will upload your credentials during the registration process.

+ - What is the cost?

The ASLM Academy is currently free to ASLM Members.

+ - How do I watch lessons and download my certificate?

To participate in the ASLM Academy, view courses and download certificates you must first register with the ASLM Academy here. After you register, you will receive an email to confirm your registration and username. Note: If you do not receive the email within an hour, please check your email’s junk folder. Then move the email out of your junk folder and into your inbox. This will help future ASLM Academy emails land in your inbox. You may also create a rule in your email application to direct all email from ASLM Academy to your inbox.

After you are registered, login to your account here and scroll down to the list of courses. Under ‘Available Courses’ select the category of course you want to complete. Then select the sub-course if applicable.

On the course page you will see a list of available courses, each with a link to the course and a link to download your course completion certificate. To watch an archived course, click ‘Watch Lesson’.  Some courses require a certification code, which is provided while watching the lesson, so please make note of the certification code when it is provided in the lesson.

When you have finished watching a lesson, return to the list of courses and click ‘Download Certificate’ next to the lesson you have viewed. When the box pops up, enter the certification code if required. Some lessons do not require a certification code.  Note: Your certificate will not automatically download to your computer, rather, you will receive an email with your certificate attached, which you may download and save to your computer. If you do not receive the email within an hour, please check your email’s junk folder. Then move the email out of your junk folder and into your inbox. This will help future ASLM Academy emails land in your inbox.

+ - How do I find out more?

For further information please contact the ASLM Academy Educational Specialist here.

We are building the program quickly to respond to COVID-19. We will be sending frequent updates to ASLM members, so register now and sign up for our mailing list here.

+ - How do I register?

If you are already an ASLM member, login here, and register for the ASLM Academy here to start taking courses now.  If you are a new user, please register here for the ASLM Academy.

+ - How do I retrieve my login information?

After you register, you will receive an email with your login info attached. If you do not receive your registration info, please check your junk folder to ensure it was not flagged as spam. If you forget your login credentials, you may retrieve them by clicking “lost your password?” in the login window. You will then receive an email with your credentials. If you do not receive the email, please check your junk folder and move the message into your inbox.

+ - How do I track my progress?

When you are logged into your profile, you will find a list of classes/webinars that are offered on the ASLM Academy web page. When you have completed a class/webinar you may check off the box that corresponds to the class/webinar.

+ - How will I receive recognition after completing a class?

Based on a series of classes/webinars completed, ASLM will email you an attestation of attendance. Please be sure to check the classes/webinars completed to receive recognition.  If you do not receive your attestation email, please check your junk folder to ensure it was not flagged as spam. If you find the email there, please move it into your inbox to avoid future complications.

+ - Tell me more about the program.
  • This is a training platform the offers you that opportunity to obtain continuing professional development opportunities. 
  • Specific curricula, such as COVID-19, are curated from free and easily accessible educational resources and offered through the ASLM Academy.
  • More opportunities for training on additional topics relevant for laboratory medicine will become available soon.
+ - What’s on the horizon?

ASLM, together with key stakeholders, is working towards having its members obtain CME /CPD credits in the near future. Please stay tuned.

+ - How do I re-download a lost certificate of attendance?

If you have misplaced a certificate of attendance, you may re-download it by 1) logging into your ASLM member profile, 2) scrolling to the bottom of your profile page where your list of completed ASLM Academy courses appears, and 3) clicking the ‘Resend Certificate’ button next to the corresponding course. Your replacement certificate will then be emailed to your registered email address.

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