Safe health-care waste management is fundamental for the provision of quality, people-centered care, protecting patient and staff safety and safeguarding the environment. Diagnostic laboratories regularly generate hazardous or dangerous wastes which if improperly managed, can pose threats to human health, safety, and the environment. The scale up of diagnostic testing to meet global and regional targets has led to exponential growth of amount of both solid and liquid waste produced. Activities in the course will help students better-understand proper waste management practices.

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Waste Management

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May 2020 Waste Management Training

COVID-19 Biosafety Guidance for Laboratories Confirmation

February 2023 Waste Management Session

Rethinking Laboratory Waste Management in Members Countries: Where are We Now?

June 2023 Waste Management Session

General Principles of Chemical Hazards and Public Health

July 2023 Waste Management Session

Detection and Surveillance of Chemical Hazards