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ASLM encourages medical lab professionals to participate in a myriad of global health conferences that provide opportunities to engage with policy makers, global health leaders, and network with their counterparts from across Africa and the world to learn about new technologies, advances in laboratory medicine, and best practices. Here you will find information about some of the most prominent global health conferences and links to register to attend.

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ASLM Publications

ASLM produces a variety of publications to keep you informed about global health news, the latest medical laboratory research, advancements in laboratory systems technology, best practices, and ASLM's activities and initiatives.

ASLM Publications

ASLM Strategic Pillars

ASLM strives to achieve its goals and objectives by coordinating and synergizing partnerships, and advocating for and facilitating cost-effective interventions for laboratory strengthening. ASLM brings together programs, expertise, institutions and laboratory professionals to catalyse new initiatives and processes toward improved laboratory capacity on the continent.

ASLM Strategic Pillars
Laboratory Networks
  • Assist countries with GIS localisation for lab network optimisation
  • Scorecard to measure lab system functionality
  • Tool to establish integrated sample transport systems
  • Freetown Declaration on lab network optimisation
Laboratory Workforce
  • Conducting dozens of in-service trainings annually with partners
  • 200+ members in a laboratory system strengthening community of practice (LabCoP
  • Offering fellowship programs in HIV and AMR
  • 5,000+ ASLM members
Quality of Laboratory Services
  • Secretariat of the WHO-AFRO SLIPTA programme
  • 23 SLIPTA-participating countries
  • 503 labs engaged in SLIPTA
  • 153 certified SLIPTA auditors
  • 80+ publications on QMS in the AJLM
  • Stakeholder of AFRAC
  • Liaises with ISO TC 212
Data and Communication
  • 1,500+ attend ASLM conferences
  • 50,000+ AJLM readers
  • 3,000+ Lab Culture readers
  • 20,000+ listserv subscribers
  • 5,000+ experts in ASLM’s database 
  • 75+ website resources
  • 10,000+ social media followers