Quality management systems (QMS) are an essential aspect of achieving the highest level of accuracy and reliability of laboratory tests results, contributing to quality clinical care and public health outcomes. However, most medical laboratories in Africa are not accredited, and are not being supported to improve their quality systems. More work needs to be done to ensure that QMS implementation at facility level, translates into sustainable and meaningful health outcomes across diseases, and at all levels of the tiered network. The courses on this page are designed to help laboratories improve QMS and pursue ISO 15189 accreditation.

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LabCoP QMS ECHO Sessions

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May 2023 LabCoP Extended ECHO Session

TB LAM Diagnostics Pipeline, Approaches for Clinical Adoption in Field Settings and QA Strategies

February 2023 LabCoP ECHO Session - QMS Part 2

The Revised and New ISO 15189:2022 Standard Part 2: Implications at the Country and Facility Level

January 2023 LabCoP ECHO Session - QMS Part 1

The Revised and New ISO 15189:2022 Standard That Specifies Requirements for Quality and Competence

Mid-July 2022 LabCoP Extended ECHO Session

Digitally-Assisted Technical Assistance Support for Rapid Test Continuous Quality Improvement

August 2020 LabCoP ECHO Session

EQA Proficiency Testing Coverage, Results and Sustainability from the Perspective of a Service Provider