The courses below will help you better understand COVID-19 guidelines and how to manage COVID-19 diagnostics and treatment.

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Session 1

Troubleshooting Common Challenges Associated with SARS-CoV-2 Diagnostic Test Establishment

Session 2

Latest Update On Available Technology to Detect COVID-19

Session 3

The Korean Experience for the African Continent

Session 4

Manufacturers of COVID-19 Molecular Diagnostic Tests: BD and Cepheid

Session 5

Manufacturers of COVID-19 Molecular Diagnostic Tests: QIAGEN & Thermo Fisher Scientific

Session 6

Serology Tests and Their Role in the Pandemic Response

Session 7

Implementing Fast Turn-Around Laboratory Testing for Control of COVID-19

Session 8

Manufacturers of Molecular Diagnostics Tests Pt3: Abbott and Bio-Rad

Session 9

Diagnostics in the COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Session 10

Best Practices Implementing a Structured Quality Assured Testing Program

Session 11

Procurement and Supply Chain for COVID-19 Diagnostics

Session 12

Facial Masks During COVID-19: Homemaking, Disinfection and Imaging

May 2020 Waste Management Training

COVID-19 Biosafety Guidance for Laboratories Confirmation

Session 13

Manufacturers of COVID-19 Molecular Diagnostics Tests: Abbott Serology in the Core Lab and Analytics

Session 14

Specimen Referral Systems for SARS-CoV-2 Testing

Session 15

Manufacturers of COVID-19 Molecular Diagnostics Tests: KH Medical Co., Ltd., South Korea & Inqaba Biotec

Session 16

Manufacturers of COVID-19 Molecular Diagnostics Tests: PerkinElmer & Pro-Med Diagnostics, South Africa

June 2020 LabCoP ECHO Session

Key Considerations for Differentiated Service Delivery in the Context of the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

Session 17

Manufacturers of COVID-19 Molecular Diagnostics Tests: EUROIMMUN AG, Germany and Hologic, USA

Session 18

Manufacturers of COVID-19 Molecular Diagnostics Tests: Roche Diagnostics International Ltd.

Session 19

Public Health Lab Networks and SARS-CoV-2 Testing: Challenges, Strategies, and Lessons from the USA

July 2020 LabCoP ECHO Session

No Time to Wait! Demand Creation for Early Infant Diagnosis of HIV

Session 20

Laboratory Data Management Considerations for COVID-19 Response

Session 21

Optimised Diagnostic Networks Key to Responding to COVID-19: Doing More with Less

August 2020 LabCoP ECHO Session

EQA Proficiency Testing Coverage, Results and Sustainability from the Perspective of a Service Provider

Special LabCoP ECHO Session

Establishing Diagnostic Connectivity for Laboratory Network Data Flow Across Conventional & POC Systems

Session 22

Self-Collection of Nasal Specimens: Lowering the Barrier to SARS-CoV-2 Testing and Access to Care

Session 23

COVID-19 Antigen Testing’s Role in the Helping Control the Pandemic

September 2020 LabCoP ECHO Session

Using Strategic Communications as a Tool for Social Change and Advocacy

COVID-19 Diagnostics Training MOOC

Learn about the latest recommendations on COVID-19 diagnostics and testing from Future Learn



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