Considerations for Adoption and Use of Multi-Disease Testing Devices in Integrated Laboratory Networks

June 27, 2019

Integrating testing using multiplex technologies at the appropriate level of care can lead to more efficient and cost-effective testing services and can help to simplify and streamline other systems, such as specimen referral, human resources, and quality assurance. Integration should be a priority for both those countries with currently operational multi-disease testing devices and those countries considering and planning for their introduction. This document, published by WHO in EnglishFrench and Portuguese, highlights issues related to: Government led coordinated planning; regulatory approval and validation; product and site selection; integrated specimen referral systems; SOPs and trainings for end users; capacity for supervision, monitoring and conducting trainings; demand generation; inventory management; quality management systems & data management and integration. It is primarily intended for use by national laboratory services and TB, HIV, and hepatitis programme managers.