WHO Updated Recommendations on Service Delivery for the Treatment and Care of PLHIV

June 10, 2021

These guidelines, published by the World Health Organization, provide new and updated recommendations and good practice statements in the following areas: starting antiretroviral therapy (ART), including initiating treatment outside the clinic and support for same-day ART start; frequency of clinical visits and ART refills; measuring adherence; tracing and re-engagement in care for all populations; psychosocial support for adolescents living with HIV; task sharing for diagnostic services; and service integration. This guideline seeks to provide support to Member States, programme managers, health workers and other stakeholders seeking to achieve national and international goals to end the HIV epidemic as a public health threat by 2030. WHO is currently in the process of collating all HIV normative guidance developed since 2016 in order to publish the third edition of the consolidated HIV guidelines in July 2021. This updated version will include the new service delivery guidance presented here. Please also see the summary slides of the update guidelines below.