LabCoP M&E Sub-CoP ECHO Session Early April 2021

April 2, 2021

On 1 April 2021, ASLM`s LabCoP M&E Sub-CoP, in collaboration with U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Division of Global HIV and Tuberculosis (DGHT) convened a session focusing on indicators for scale-up of viral load (VL) testing and program outcomes. Presentations were made by Nadia Solehdin, an epidemiologist, and Kat Sisler, an evaluation fellow, both with the US CDC’s Division of Global HIV and TB; and Jonathan Ntale, a public health specialist at the US CDC, serving within the laboratory systems branch in Uganda. They shared with participants key concepts, including understanding the general components of the M&E framework for country-level VL testing, determining the relevant stakeholders involved in M&E and creating M&E implementation processes. They further shared Uganda’s experience on updating national and facility registers for VL testing. Please access the video and presentations below.