June 2023 LabCop Waste Management ECHO Session: General Principles of Chemical Hazards and Public Health

June 15, 2023

LabCoP’s Waste Management ECHO session, held on 6 June 2023, focused on general principles of chemical hazards and public health. Laboratory testing and other healthcare procedures involve the use of chemicals that have the potential to cause harm. Knowledge of required precautions or mitigation measures in the event of exposures are key in ensuring safe handling of chemicals. In this session, Nick Brooke, Principal Environmental Public Health Scientist, UK Health Security Agency, IHR Strengthening, presented about introductory-level principles of chemical hazards and risks, including risk assessment, toxicology, risk management, and some common scenarios where chemical hazards may result in public health issues. He also discussed preventative and preparatory action to control such risks within the laboratory sector and beyond. He further highlighted findings from some recent publications regarding chemical public health issues in Africa. Please follow the links here to view the recorded ECHO session and download the presentation slides.