The Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) sub-community of practice (sub-CoP) is a dedicated segment of the greater LabCoP. The M&E sub-CoP gathers country teams (made up of laboratorians, clinicians, and representatives from ministries of health who support M&E activities in their country) and stakeholders (implementing partners, regulatory and technical agencies) who share challenges, solutions and best practices on the collection and analysis of data, intended to monitor and evaluate laboratory services and function.

The M&E sub-CoP ECHO Sessions help member teams learn from each other’s experiences and provide guidance and considerations to country teams as they develop, review, and or strengthen their laboratory M&E system.

The goal of the M&E sub-CoP is to support member countries to establish and improve M&E systems of laboratory services. This includes the implementation of systems for electronic return of test results, implementation of national level tracking dashboards for diagnostic services (such as the second cascade of the national viral load-testing programme) and advice on relevant indicators of laboratory system functions. The M&E sub-CoP activities receive technical assistance from the World Health Organization and the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention International Laboratory Branch, among other partners.


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How to Join

A LabCoP country team may send a Letter of Intent to join the M&E Sub-CoP to Dr Collins Otieno Odhiambo, LabCoP Project Lead email.


Key M&E Resources

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