WHO’s Stepwise Laboratory Quality Improvement Process Towards Accreditation (SLIPTA) Checklist

December 16, 2019

The SLIPTA Checklist, published by WHO, specifies requirements for quality and competency, aimed to develop and improve medical laboratory services to raise laboratory quality to established national and/or international standards. Laboratories will receive a 0-5 star level rating to certify that the audited laboratory is undergoing the quality improvement process to meet all the requirements of the standard. WHO AFRO has developed the SLIPTA Checklist based on ISO standard 15189:2012. It consists of 12 sections which corresponds to the 12 Quality System Essentials covered in the SLIPTA Guidelines posted here, and can be used:

  • to determine if a laboratory is providing accurate and reliable test results on a timely basis
  • to determine if it is well-managed and adhering to good laboratory practices
  • to identify areas for improvement
  • as an input to generate laboratory-specific plans.

The SLIPTA Guideline and Checklist are intended for use by policymakers; ministries of health; government and management officials; public health and medical professionals; laboratory technicians; clinicians; technical experts; laboratory and programme managers; and international, regional and local partners.