COVID-19 ECHO Session #41: Africa CDC Trusted Travel Platform

April 12, 2021

On 8 April, 2021 this COVID-19 ECHO session was convened to discuss the Africa CDC Trusted Travel Platform and how to create a ‘Trusted Network’ of COVID-19 testing laboratories in Africa. To support the reopening of boarders and economies without risking disease spread, Africa CDC and partners are championing the concept of Trusted Travel and a trusted laboratory network across the continent using innovative digital technologies. In this session, moderated by Mr Nqobile Ndlovu, CEO of ASLM, Dr Ahmed Ogwell Ouma, Deputy Director of Africa CDC delivers the opening remarks. Presentations are made by Dr Adam from Afrochampions and Dr. Talkmore Maruta, a Senior Biosafety and Biosecurity Officer with ASLM/Africa CDC. This highly engaging session covered: 1) how digital innovation seeks to create a bridge between Africa’s high-quality laboratories and seamless travel, 2) How the proposed digital infrastructure could help member states make decisions about which laboratories they can trust to provide SARS-CoV-2 tests for travellers, and 3) building on SLIPTA, initiate a conversation on how laboratories can be certified to create trusted networks. Please follow the links here to view the recorded ECHO session and download the presentation slides.