COVID-19 ECHO Session #45: Leveraging on Existing HIV Community Engagement to Respond to COVID-19 Challenges and Opportunities

July 12, 2021

On 8 July 2021, this COVID-19 ECHO session was convened to discuss the perspective of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in leveraging on existing HIV community engagement to respond to COVID-19 challenges and opportunities. In this session, two CSOs, The National Forum for People living with HIV&AIDS Networks in Uganda (NAFOPHANO) and The Zimbabwe National Network for People Living with HIV (ZNPP+) shared their experiences in using existing platforms for community engagement to respond to the pandemic. They discussed topics including, the extent to which the pandemic has particularly affected people living with HIV, critical issues in the pandemic response that need to be addressed so that gains made in the fight against HIV & AIDS are not lost, updates on what CSOs have done and continue to do to mitigate adverse effects of the pandemic on people living with HIV, among other topics. The presentations by Ms Stella Kentutsi, Executive Director, NAFOPHANU; and Mr Tonderai Mwareka, Program Officer, ZNNP+, highlighted the need to listen to different population groups through rapid assessments, the utility to have CSOs participate in dynamic policy formulations when implementation environments significantly change, effective use of e-communication platforms between members and support structures, and livelihood support. Please follow the links here to view the recorded ECHO session and download the presentation slides.