COVID-19 ECHO Session #20: Laboratory Data Management Considerations for COVID-19 Response

September 8, 2020

On 6 August 2020, this COVID-19 ECHO session was convened to discuss laboratory data management considerations for COVID-19 response. Long turnaround times (TAT) for laboratory test results and poor data quality are chronic problems for many testing services. Timely and accurate testing services for COVID-19 are essential for monitoring the spread of the pandemic and implementing preventive measures. In this session, we cover improved specimen management, data collection, test reporting, and data exchange. Presentations were made by Reshma Kakkar, Informatics Manager, Association of Public Health Laboratories (U.S.A.); Rufus Nyaga, Informatics Technical Manager, Association of Public Health Laboratories (Kenya); and Dr Sofia Viegas, Director, Public Health Laboratories, Instituto Nacional de Saude, Mozambique. This session is relevant to laboratory data managers, laboratorians, public health experts, donor agencies, and country programmers engaged in large scale laboratory information management systems. Please follow the links posted here to view the recorded video session on ASLM’s YouTube channel, and download the presentation slides from the session. The Q&A for this session is pending. Please check back for updates.