COVID-19 ECHO Session #18: Manufacturers of COVID-19 Diagnostics Tests: Roche Diagnostics

July 10, 2020

On 10 July 2020, ASLM’s LabCoP hosted the eighth session in a series about manufacturers of COVID-19 molecular diagnostic tools, featuring Roche Diagnostics International. Presentations were made by Dr Wim van der Helm, Head of Healthcare Development, Roche Diagnostics, Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Latin America, and Dr Matthias Strobl, Senior Clinical Science Leader, Infectious Diseases, Roche Diagnostics. They covered information about detection of COVID-19 immune reaction via serology testing, testing objectives, antibody maturity, neutralizing antibodies, assay format, performance and other technical considerations, and testing strategies. Please follow the links posted here to view the recorded video session on ASLM’s YouTube channel, and download the presentation slides from the session. The Q&A for this session is pending. Please check back for updates.