May 2020 LabCoP ECHO Session: Key Considerations for Expanding COVID-19 PCR: Ethiopian Experience

May 24, 2020

LabCoP’s May ECHO session covered the key considerations for expanding COVID-19 capacity to the sub-national level and featured the Ethiopian experience. During this session, participants learnt about the need to scale up diagnostic capacity; governance and coordination issues essential for expansion of COVID-19 testing; leveraging on existing capacity to cope with the needs; strategies for COVID 19 testing scale up, including expanding laboratories and referrals, rapid assessment and selection of testing sites, and preparing sites for routine operations; integration of COVID-19 into existing programs such as HIV&TB programs; and follow up, monitoring and evaluation of new testing sites. Presentations were made by Dr Marguerite Massinga Loembé, Senior Laboratory Advisor, ASLM and Africa CDC, and Adisu Kabede, Ethiopian Institute of Public Health, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.