July 2021 LabCoP ECHO Session: Unlocking the Potential of Tiered Laboratory Networks Through Laboratory Mapping

July 27, 2021

LabCoP’s July 2021 ECHO session focused on unlocking the potential of tiered laboratory networks through laboratory capacity mapping. Mapping the capacity of a national laboratory network is a powerful tool that supports visualizing what the testing capacity is, their location, and the population served. In this session, Dr Pascale Ondoa, Director of Science and New Initiatives at ASLM, shared how triangulating mapping data with national testing norms supports identification of gaps in the implementation of testing packages, how lab mapping is used to improve diagnostic services, and how far the 15+ African countries that have signed up to participate in the ASLM/Africa CDC Laboratory Mapping (LabMap) initiative have progressed. Dr Pascale further shared illustrative examples on the conduct, analysis and use of lab mapping data from Burkina Faso. LabMap data provides valuable information to country teams, funders and policy makers, and allows them to better coordinate, design and anticipate the needs of the tiered laboratory network. Please follow the links here to view the recorded ECHO session and download the presentation slides.