Feb 2022 LabCoP ECHO Session: Introducing the HIV Laboratory Waste Cost Assessment Framework

February 16, 2022

LabCoP’s February ECHO session introduced the HIV Laboratory Waste Cost Assessment Framework (WCAF), an MS Excel-based tool co-developed by the US CDC and Roche Diagnostics, under a public-private partnership to support accurate quantification of solid and liquid wastes generated in PEPFAR-supported countries, to allow easy communication about waste management costs. The session was premised on the waste management self-assessment conducted in 2019 by LabCoP countries, in which waste management was identified as a significant gap in HIV testing laboratories. Currently, there is limited capability to adequately quantify the amount and cost of waste generated by most HIV testing laboratories to inform budgets of disposal or treatment options, and this tool aims to help. The session’s presentations were made by Ritu Shrivastava, Global Public-Private Partnership Coordinator, ILB, US CDC and Onur Ondogan, Strategic Healthcare Consultant, Roche Diagnostic. Please follow the links below to view the recorded ECHO session, download the presentation slides, access the WCAF Tool itself, and watch the WCAF Tutorial Video to help orient you to the tool.