December 2022 ECHO Session: Integrated Hepatitis Testing as Part of the Response to WHO’s Triple Elimination Strategy

December 7, 2022

LabCoP’s December 2022 ECHO session shares practical insights on integrated testing for HBV and Xpert HCV to align with the World Health Organization’s goal for the triple elimination of HIV, HBV and syphilis. Using a case from Nigeria, we discuss implementation experiences at the point-of-care sites, the existing tuberculosis (TB) and HIV testing infrastructure and key considerations for effective integration. They find that integration can be achieved with almost no disruption to existing services, planning and implementation. Planning is key and involving stakeholders is necessary. The presentation was made by Mr Chukwuemeka Agwuocha, Manager of Hepatitis/COVID-19 Therapeutics, Clinton Health Access Initiative, Nigeria. Please follow the links below to view the recorded ECHO session, download the presentation slides.