August 2020 LabCoP ECHO Session: EQA Proficiency Testing from the Perspective of a Service Provider

October 5, 2020

LabCoP’s August ECHO session covered external quality assessment (EQA) proficiency testing coverage, results and sustainability from the perspective of a service provider. EQA provides a measure of performance of testing laboratories and helps identify deficiencies and opportunities for improvement across the entire testing cascade. In this session, we discuss integrating economic principles into EQA, to improve EQA sustainability in Africa and globally; collaborative approaches to create an open source, online dashboard to assist EQA providers and funders to allocate scarce EQA resources to maximize the public health impact ; and a coordinated approach to supporting laboratory quality assurance. Presentations were made by Shon Nguyen from the International Laboratory Branch, Division of Global HIV/AIDS, United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Daniel Taylor from One World Accuracy, Canada. Please follow the links posted here to view the recorded video session on ASLM’s YouTube channel, and download the presentation slides from the session.