INSTI HIV Self Test is a qualitative immunoassay that uses blood to detect HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies. 

Manufacturer:  bioLytical Laboratories Inc (Richmond, Canada)

Detects: HIV-1 and HIV-2

Quality Standards: WHO PQ

WHO PQ Number: PQDx 0002-002-01 (self test)PQDx 0002-002-00 (professional use)

WHO Listing Dates: 27  November 2018  (self-test); 29 August 2013 (professional use)

Two systematic reviews and meta-analyses comparing HIV self-testing to standard HIV testing services have been published. Johnson et al (2017) found that HIV self-testing is associated with increased uptake and frequency of testing, while Figueroa et al (2018) found that self-testers can reliably and accurately conduct HIV rapid diagnostic tests, as compared with trained healthcare workers.