Ambassadors Programme: Terms of Reference

Ambassadors Programme: Terms of Reference


The African Society for Laboratory Medicine (ASLM) Ambassadors Programme aims to support the Society’s goals to advance the laboratory medicine services and networks needed to support preventative medicine, quality patient care and disease control in Africa. The Ambassadors’ programmatic activities centre upon a strategic vision document, ASLM2020, and strive for specific targets. A key component to the success of ASLM’s programmatic implementation is the utilisation of local, national, and regional advocates. Such critical advocates include national ASLM Ambassadors.


The role of an ASLM Ambassador is to disseminate the Society’s name and objectives in their region of domicile, as well as develop and sustain political engagement between local and national government officials, key institutions, laboratory professionals, and the Society and its members. The Ambassador will identify and respond to the needs of the local laboratory medicine community as well as government and professional organisations; promote and explain the benefits of ASLM membership to potential members; and facilitate the establishment and implementation of ASLM programmes, partnerships, and activities in accordance with duties outlined in Section 7.


The Ambassador should be an individual residing in the country of desired ambassadorship with a strong interest in ASLM’s vision and goals


Applications should be submitted via the online application form. Applications will initially be received and coordinated by the Senior Communications Officer and then submitted to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for final approval. The CEO will appropriately liaise with the Board of Directors as needed.


Upon approval, the appointed Ambassador may serve a two year term, that is renewable and not term limited, subject to formal evaluation based upon and outlined in Section 7 and Section 8.


To better serve laboratory medicine communities on a local scale, ASLM may appoint multiple Ambassadors per country to appropriately advocate in varied fields related to the Society’s mission.


The Ambassador performs activities on behalf of the Society, providing that either such a request is made or that prior authorisation is obtained.

In each calendar year of a two-year term, the Ambassador shall submit an annual work plan by 15 January, or within 30 days after appointment if appointed mid-year, to the coordinating ASLM Senior Programme Specialist, related to the following activities:

  • Ambassador will advocate for the Society among local, nation and regional health authorities, laboratory professionals, ASLM members, potential members, institutions of higher learning, and professional Societies and organisations;
  • Ambassadors will:
    • Identify and prioritise local programmatic needs including, but not limited to training
    • Identify interests of local government and laboratory medicine stakeholders who might be either prospective or active members of the Society
    • Identify services that could enrich or increase the value of membership for the Society and
    • Identify programmes and services that can assist ASLM with achieving its ASLM2020 goals
    • Identify appropriate local success stories for publication
  • Ambassadors will serve as a liaison between the Society, local and national government officials, key organisations, laboratory medicine professionals and societies in the appointment region;
  • Ambassadors will inform the Society of important meetings, local professional and governmental developments, activities or circumstances in their appointment region;
  • Ambassadors will draft, or coordinate the drafting of, appropriate local success stories for publication in ASLM communications platforms; Ambassadors will promote membership for the Society;
  • Ambassadors will stay knowledgeable of Society programmes and initiatives in their assigned regions and work in collaboration with other ASLM ambassadors and programmes
  • Ambassadors will assist the Society with landscaping activities to estimate, document and maintain country specific information for their appointment region, especially as it relates to the deliverables associated with ASLM2020;
  • Ambassadors will, on request, represent the Society in an official capacity at the host countries professional meetings, disseminating information about the Society, offering lectures, and providing a public relations link between the host country’s key organisations and ASLM. The Ambassador will also disseminate information to the host country on behalf of the Society;
  • Ambassadors should seek an audience with government officials and organisations (Ministers of Health, Ministers of Education and Science, etc.) of the assigned region;in order to promote ASLM’s agenda and goals. However, the Ambassador will work as a facilitator only, avoiding direct influence of any political process of the host country, unless approval from the ASLM CEO or Board of Directors is provided in writing;
  • Ambassadors, if he or she chooses, will participate in teaching activities that will enhance laboratory medicine in their assigned region, by way of direct teaching, or assisting in the organization of conferences targeted toward the promotion of laboratory medicine in that country;
  • Ambassadors will support the Ministerial Call for Action and the ASLM2020 Strategic Plan;
  • Ambassadors will attend assigned ASLM Meetings including but not limited to the ASLM biennial international conference;
  • • Ambassadors will work with the ASLM Director of Programmes and ASLM Collaborating Centres to achieve yearly goals for their assigned regions including building a network amongst the programmes and countries. Ambassadors will serve as a mentor to the ASLM Technical Advisor.

By December 31st of the same calendar year, the Appointee shall submit to the coordination ASLM Senior Programme Specialist a written annual report encompassing, but not limited to:

  • Activities undertaken as delineated in the approved annual work plan;
  • Recommendations for improving the effectiveness of the Ambassadors Programme;
  • Recommendations for improving Society membership development, recruitment and retention; and,
  • Recommendations for improving Society programmes.


The Ambassador’s proposed shall be reviewed and approved by the coordinating ASLM Senior Programme Specialist by 15 February. Prior to the end of each work plan period (one year), the plan shall be assessed by the CEO, Director of Programmes, and responsible Senior Programme Specialist to determine the accomplishments of the Appointee. Appointment renewal is dependent upon satisfactory completion of the outlined objectives.


The Ambassador shall act only as an agent of the Society, within limitations and guidance provided. The Society is not bound by, or to, any commitment(s) made by the Ambassador unless written approval is obtained.

All materials produced relate to or in accordance with this programme must be branded with the appropriate Society logo, using designated templates, and shared with the Society prior to use (e.g. web portals, social media sites, presentations, training materials, etc.). The Ambassador shall not publish or circulate any advertising matter, form letters, signs, business cards or other written materials concerning the Society without the Society’s written consent. All such materials shall belong to the Society exclusively and shall be returned to the Society upon termination of this appointment period. The Ambassador shall not acquire any right to any trademark, patent, copyright or other form of intellectual or commercial property of the Society.


The Society commits itself to the enhancement of laboratory medicine sciences for the promotion of human welfare and accumulation of knowledge. The Ambassador is bound by the ethics code of the Society.


The ASLM Ambassadorship is a voluntary, unpaid position. The Ambassador shall be reimbursed by the Society for any business-related expenses which were reasonably and necessarily incurred in the performance of services hereunder, in accordance with explicit written approval from the Society prior to the procurement. If the Ambassador is required to travel to perform any requested duties, the Society shall adhere to guidance from relevant funding sources relating to reimbursement.