ASLM leads a consortium of partners: the Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Fellowship Alliance (Fleming Fund, UK Aid, African Union, Africa CDC, AIGHD, AFENET, DATOS, IDI, Noguchi, ReAct), which serves as a host institution for Tanzanian fellows for AMR surveillance under One Health. The Fleming Fund Tanzania Fellowship Scheme aims at strengthening the skills and capacity of leaders implementing AMR surveillance in animal and human health sectors in Tanzania. The fellows are designated by the Tanzanian government and are provided customized training, mentorship, networking opportunities, and hands-on guidance in acquiring knowledge and skills in their respective domains [laboratory and epidemiology, AMR and Antimicrobial Use (AMU), human and animal health, policy and implementation]. In Phase-one, 5 fellows in charge of implementation designed and conducted a collaborative project based on the tricycle model of the WHO entitled, ‘A One Health pilot study on antimicrobial resistance and use of fluoroquinolones and cephalosporins in the human and animal health sectors in Mwanza, Tanzania’. The project analysed 550 isolates under the One Health approach. Policy fellows have joined the group and are empowered and mentored to contribute to evidence-based policy development, conduct high level advocacy for AMR containment and facilitate the One Health approach at national level.

Fleming Fund Fellowship Videos

Click below to view videos on how ASLM is working with the Fleming Fund Fellowship

ASLM and the Fleming Fund Fellowship Tackle AMR in Africa
This video describes the impact of AMR and the threat to Africa, and one of the ways ASLM is working with the Fleming Fund Fellowship to tackle that threat. Based on World Health Organization estimates, 4 millions Africans could die annually from AMR, the resistance of microorganisms to respond effectively to antibiotics. It is vital to create policies that restrict antibiotics accessibility, create awareness in communities and collect data to mitigate AMR in Africa.
Fleming Fund Fellowship AMR Workshop
Learn about the Antimicrobial Resistance Communication and Development of Policy Briefs Workshop held in Nairobi, Kenya from 6 - 9 September 2021. This workshop provided capacity building and training to fellows in Tanzania, through the Fleming Fund Fellowship grant, on how to interpret and communicate AMR data, and how to write policy briefs to decision makers. This training also incorporates the one health approach, where professionals from different backgrounds discuss the impact of AMR in humans and animals.
ASLM Supports The African Union Framework on AMR Control
This video explores the African Union Framework on AMR Control, and what the African Union Commission, Africa CDC and partners like ASLM and the Fleming Fund are doing to help control AMR in members states. Based on World Health Organization estimates, 4 million Africans could die annually from AMR in the near future. ASLM has been working closely with Africa CDC to improve the skillset, infrastructure and the quality of AMR data produced in Africa through the Fleming Fund Fellowship.

Project Team

Dr Pascale Ondoa
Principal Investigator
Edwin Shumba
Project Lead
Junior Shao
Project Coordinator