ASLM to Offer Continuing Education Credits

ASLM to Offer Continuing Education Credits

ASLM is soon to offer Continuing Medical Laboratory Education (CMLE) credits through the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP). ASLM recognises the need for continuing education in an industry that is always evolving. Laboratory professionals must stay up to date on new developments to be effective, efficient and accurate. As the healthcare system relies on laboratory diagnostics to pro-vide the highest standard of care, it is essential that laboratory staff are trained to use the most cutting-edge methods and technologies that will offer patients the best care possible, and will also earn laboratory scientists respect and a competitive advantage in their field.

ASLM, with the African Journal of Laboratory Medicine (AJLM), will offer several options for earning CMLE credits, including providing peer review of articles for AJLM, sub-mitting manuscripts and responding to questions about AJLM articles. To encourage scientists to read articles that discuss new developments and topics related to laboratory medicine, authors will provide a list of learning objectives and three to five questions that assess the readers’ comprehension of the articles’ main points. These quizzes will be available online for ASLM members and AJLM subscribers. One CMLE credit will be awarded for every quiz completed. A total of ten CMLE credits may be earned annually through the completion of these quizzes.

CMLE credits will also be earned through the completion and submission of peer reviews of journal articles. To earn credits, those submitting reviews for publication will have to complete the entire process as outlined by AJLM, ultimately providing thoughtful and constructive critiques of articles. Three CMLE credits will be earned for every review submitted and accepted. A total of five reviews may be completed for credits annually, allowing submitters to earn up to 15 CMLE credits every year.

Additionally, AJLM will provide credits for the submission of manuscripts that are accepted for publication. 10 CMLE credits will be provided for single authorship, dual author-ship, or if the submitter is the first (senior) author. Five CMLE credits will be awarded for articles in which the submitter is not the first author. When the article is accepted by AJLM, the submitter may print out a certificate indicating the number of CMLE credits earned.

In addition to collaborating with AJLM, ASLM is working with the African Centre for Integrated Laboratory Training (ACILT) to provide CMLE credits. ACILT is based in Johannesburg, South Africa on the campus of the South African National Institute for Communicable Diseases, a division of the National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS). The Centre offers a range of interactive courses geared toward front-line laboratory staff, programme managers, strategic planners and policy makers. The number of CMLE credits for each course varies; one CMLE credit is earned for every “contact hour” – or time spent in training or in lectures.

For more information on courses offered by ACILT, visit the Centre’s website at